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The Voice Within

by Cindy O'Connor

There's a voice that lives within my heart and talks to me each day.
And helps me guide my wayward steps along life's treacherous way.
It speaks to me of virtues and whispers words of Hope.
It keeps my flagging spirits high when I have failed to cope.
This voice beguiles my very soul and stills the demons there.
It makes me know that in this world there's worlds of love to share.
And I know peace in turmoil's midst,
Strength beyond my own;
Joy too great to put in words, for I know I'm not alone.
If you but listen to your heart, you'll hear this voice I share;
For it speaks not to me alone, It's there for all who care.
And the dawning of a brave new age is waiting to begin...
When each of us can hear and heed that little voice within.

Cindy O'Connor


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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