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Cindy O'Connor


By Cindy O'Connor

I feel the hand of God on me,
Like a friend to whom I'm known,
Leading me down better roads
Than I would take alone.
His guidance helps me through the days
When I need His help to cope
And at night, He gives me peace and rest
And soothes my soul with hope.
I feel the love of Christ in me,
The love He said I'd know
If I just put my trust in Him
And let my hatreds go.
And so I'll hate no man again
The way I've done before.
Instead, I do the best I can
To "Go, and sin no more."
The hand of God, the love of Christ
Are in my daily life,
And now I live in love and peace
Where once I dwelt in strife.
My life is richer now by far
Than anything before,
For my Shepherd leads me in His steps
On the path to Heaven's door.


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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