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Short Quips and Thoughts

By Cindy O'Connor

A short-order cook serving diner patron said:
"The eggs refused to go over easy".

Anger must be the energy that has not found it's right channel.

I found that when you're prepared to die,
that's When you really find out how to live.

I love how Character usually shows through in some nursing home patients.
Maybe there's just something about coming to the end of the line that lets people drop all pretenses and defenses and just be themselves.
At the extremity of life, people really become who they are.
Since none of us are guaranteed another day, should we not live that way too?


(Inspired by experience and Scripture James 3:5-12.)

"There was a woman who confessed
to her Priest about having spread
scandal and gossip..asking forgiveness
and willing to do penance.
As her penance, she was to cut open
a feather pillow on a wind-swept day,
Then retrieve all of the feathers that
were scattered.
When she said that it would be
impossible, she was told that it was
just as impossible to find and correct
all the people who had heard her
gossip and lies and then passed it on."


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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