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Cindy O'Connor


By Cindy O'Connor

I ask not, Lord, a famous name
Or wealth that plays a roulette game.
I ask for strength of limb and hand
And thoughts that turn to understand.
I ask a heart that shares It's Hope;
A patient will that dares to cope.
I ask for Love that gleans the husk
And Faith that pierces every dusk.
I ask for sight to take the path
That lifts my soul in aftermath;
And Grace to keep a pleasant smile
When life demands It's second mile.
I ask you, Lord, to lend a song
When skies are dark and hours long.
I ask for bread upon my board
With grateful praise for common horde.
I ask for peace at my day's end,
The love of Thee...and one true friend.


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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