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Cindy O'Connor


By Cindy O'Connor

There are so many things I want to know
And I'm glad, for it's an urge to grow.
I never could quite fully understand
Why walking amidst the trees I taller stand,
Or gazing in a flowing crystal stream,
I find an inner urge to pause and dream.
There are so many things I'd like to know:
How does God make the northern lights glow?
How does God make the sunshine's mothering sheen
To carpet all the earth with living green?
How does He wield His paint brush every year
To make the Autumn colors reappear?
How does He teach each happy bird to sing
Or mix the colors for the peacock's wing?
Where does He keep His treasures of hail
Reserved for judgement when His pleadings fail?
How did he fill the seven seas with brine
Or paint the roses and the Columbine?
How did He make a myriad gorgeous gems
That shine respendent in a kings diadems?
How did God make earth's labyrinth of flowers
Or give the vulture such great optic powers?
How did He fling the stars upon their way
And keep them all in step from day to day?
How did God paint such beauty in the pearls
Or put such Charms in baby boys and girls?
How did He make the rainbow grace the skies
And fill all Heaven with some great surprise?
How could He show such mercy to our race
When we have sinned and brought Him such disgrace?
Just HOW God does all this, I do not know,
But WHY God does...Because He loves us so!


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