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Cindy O'Connor


By Cindy O'Connor

Did you hear of the little girl who came
stumbling and crippled from the deep woods to a city one day?
Yet although she had little, this small
girl reached out her hand:
Not to receive, but only to give.
She reached out her soiled hand to all
who passed by, but all of these people
just went on their way:
Choosing to see only her difference from them.
She found a small church and went on inside.
All alone, she stood at the Altar to pray:
"Dear Mister Jesus,
I did as you said.
I may have stumbled,
But I never fell!
So why won't these people
See Your love for them?
They only see this small dirty
body of mine,
That's all broken and torn."
As each word was spoken,
I hear tell, there was a tear:
Tears for those very people
Who just wouldn't hear.


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