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By Cindy O'Connor

The world still needs real pioneers
To conquer mankind's last frontiers;
To face the savage wilderness
Of hate and strife and bitterness,
And triumph over fang and claw
In harmony with moral law.
For there are areas where man
Has never met the Master's plan.
Where are the pioneers today
Who see the challenge and will say...
" We'll join these moral pioneers,
We'll calmly face these wild frontiers.
We'll meet our foes with love, not hate,
And we will not retaliate!
To gain this promised land of peace,
Where tyranny of hate will cease,
We'll bravely suffer any loss -
If need be, die upon a cross;
And pray for those who place us there,
'Father, forgive them', as OUR prayer."

Cindy O'Connor


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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