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Cindy O'Connor


By Cindy O'Connor

One day a large St Lawrence River ship
Was running on its daily scheduled trip,
When suddenly they struck a big fog bank;
They could not see, for all went blank.
The passengers were gripped with anxious fear,
And they thought the captain could not see to steer.
So as they felt the boat steam on ahead,
Their fear increased and panic spread.
At last they met and penned this frightened note:
"Dear Captain: Please, we urge you, stop the boat!
The fog is thick, we cannot see ahead.
We are frightened sick with fear and dread."
The captain quickly read their anxious note
And here's his answer sent throughout the boat:
"Where your captain is on the bridge up here,
There is no fog, So you need not fear.
I'm above the fog - I can see the way,
We'll be in port at the close of day."
How many there are on the stream of life
Thus blinded by fog banks of deadly strife.
We forget that our Captain is high in the skies,
Above all the thick fog banks that blind our eyes.
And this is His message that He imparts,
To strengthen our faith and cheer our hearts:
"Where your Captain is on the bridge up here,
There is no fog, so you need not fear."


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