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Cindy O'Connor


by Cindy O'Connor

"No more worlds to conquer" - and great Alexander wept.
How blind he had become because his moral senses slept.
His narrow world of selfishness was all that he had seen;
The vast world of the spirit was to him unknown, unseen.
Those rich realms of the spirit hold new worlds to conquer still.
What exploits now await the men of vision and of will!
What great discoveries will be made, what victories will be gained;
What treasures of contentment and of peace will be gained;
If we beat back the barriers of ignorance and doubt,
And triumph over the enemies of peace within, without;
If we push back the wilderness of want and human need,
Then we can take our places with the pioneers, indeed.
Come, let's fell the savage forests of fear and hate and strife,
And open up new highways to a better way of life.
Let's level mountains of our pride that shut men from our view,
And bridge the yawning chasms of misunderstanding too.
Cindy O'Connor


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