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by Cindy O'Connor

Not like a drunkard, with liquor inflamed
In body and soul and mind.
Not like a smoker, with poisons enflamed
And habits of steel entwined.
Not like a bigot, whom passion and pride
Make arrogant, selfish, and mean.
Not like a coward, who runs off to hide,
Afraid to resist the obscene.
Not like a sluggard,whose indolence chills
Who purposeless lives and then dies.
Not like a traitor,whose own kind he kills
Whose country he sells with dry eyes.
Not like a Judas,who sold his best Friend
Or Esau, who sold his birthright.
Not like a Hitler,who came to his end,
For wrong cannot triumph over right.
No,be like Jesus, the purest and best,
The noblest that mankind has known.
Yes, be like Jesus and stand every test,
And sit with Him soon on His throne.

Cindy O'Connor


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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