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When The Tailgunner Changed His Mind

By Cindy O'Connor

In World War 2,
a bombing plane met German shells that fell like rain.
A chaplain came "just for the ride",
unknown to all the crew inside.
So thick was anti-aircraft fire,
the chaplain felt a keen desire to try to calm the frightened crew,
but didn't know just what to do.
Then on the intercom he said,
with a voice that showed no signs of dread,
"It's alright, men, so do not fear, for God is with us right in here."
The gunner snapped back from the rear:
"Perhaps up front, but He's not back here."
Just then, a shell passed through the tail but didn't explode.
The gunner, pale, spoke out again above the din...
"Correction, please; God just walked in."

Cindy O'Connor


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Cindy O'Connor's poems are all copyrighted. Please credit.

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